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Best use the technology accessible to meet your objectives. Website Design, Market Analysis, Targeting, Media Creation/Editing, Multi-Platform Testing, Social Media Integration, SEO

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We offer all of our skills and knowledge to each project. The outlined services are only the start! Automation, Promotions and a network of options come with our services. Best of all we are budget friendly and provide high quality results.

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Our team focuses on how to best use the technology accessible to a venture to meet your objectives.

  • At the start of our consulting services we assist in the planning of the project.consulting
  • Second, we analyze the existing processes and systems in place for the business to operate successfully. This will help us determine the impact of the project towards the existing processes in place or how to best integrate them to your project.
  • We follow the analysis with documentation, requirements and cost outline to help determine the expected result from the project.
  • Finally, the management for the project and support. Who will have the vision & authority to manage the requirements for the project ongoing. We train a person or team of your choosing to continue with the ongoing project requirements, of course you could always ask us.

Our team consist of people with strong Advisory, Technical, Business & Management skills. We work with clients in a variety of industries understanding business and technology requirements for the progression of the business. If you have any questions click here to contact us

Website Design

  • Media Creation/Editing – For each project we focus on obtaining media to match the text content. Our services include us creating/capturing new media or editing existing media.websiteDesign
  • Multi-Platform Testing – Sites are enabled to work with most popular device browsers.
  • Market Analysis & Targeting – We perform a market analysis to better target content for our business customers. This analysis allows us to identify top competitors strong and weak points. Using data collected from our research we are able to implement strategies.
  • Social Media Integration – Enabling the multiplication of content is vital to keeping your site up to date. Within the sites we are able to integrate feeds from sites (FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter & others )
  • SEO – Our Affiliate with over 15 years of experience offering services like fast Google listings, location targeted traffic, 1,000+ visitor boost  & top 10 listing.

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Multimedia Production & Editing

Once we have an understandingImagediting1  of the venture we can develop media to meet business objectives and clearly communicate company positioning and messages. Our team has the knowledge and ability to create or edit images, video, audio, forms and text necessary to meet your goals.